“Um… well.” Arthur mentally cursed himself. He hadn’t actually had anything to say, he had just wanted to avoid lurking silently in the library. “I don’t think I’ve met you… Might I ask your name?” he recovered, asking politely. His eyes then fell on the unfamiliar object clasped in the young woman’s hands. “And…what exactly is that?” he asked, nodding at the object in question. 

“Oh, I … ” Summer glanced down at her fan, then back up. “My name is Summer. You’ve come here to treat with my father, yes?” She spread the fan, holding it up for him to see. “It’s a weapon, from a place very far away from here.” She pointed to the edges, showing him how the ends of the sticks holding the fabric were sharp. “A woman’s weapon. Very dangerous.” She snapped it closed again. 

Arthur smiled pleasantly. “Yes, I have. It is a pleasure to meet you, my lady.” Arthur examined the fan, taking note of the sharp edges she pointed out to him. “Impressive. A fine weapon for a lady such as yourself,” he remarked. 

She lifted her eyebrows, wondering if he’d meant that as dismissively as it sounded. She flicked it open again with one hand, hiding her face behind it. “Have you made any progress on the treaty yet?”

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