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She glanced up at him, eyes dancing. “I hardly think you can mess up stringing some beads. I’ve got plenty.” She shrugged, though. “It’s fine if you don’t want to.” Humming softly along with the music, she held up the one she was working on, contemplating its length, and went back to adding another pattern to it.

The current song playing ended, and as the next one began, she smiled a crooked sideways smile at her hands, before starting to sing along. “~o I fall in love too easily / I fall in love too fast / I fall in love too terribly hard / For love to ever last.”

The thought of what he was missing out became too much to bear. What if it became a more productive outlet for him? Like his writing, or doodles — minus the cramp in your hand, once he gets used to the way his fingers will grace the thread of course.

“Can I?” He asked with a moment of hesitation, looking up at her after peering into the box once more.

“I mean… can you teach me first?”

He’s never used the very little manners he’s been taught courtesy of his mother before she effectively tapped-out; the most he gave people were curt nods of acknowledgments and grunts when he was terribly in the zone and barely ever gave such an action a second-thought.

When she began to sing, a small smile tickled against his lips despite himself. Still, he managed to wipe it clear away as he hung off of every word that came out of her mouth, how she even managed to sing the back vocals and imitate the beat or tempo with a bounce of her leg.

Summer carefully pretended that she didn’t notice the way Ace’s expression changed, briefly, while she sang. It was faintly amusing that the way to get him to open up was to wait; it was foreign to her nature but it seemed to be working. Finishing that pattern, she dug out the box of larger beads with larger holes, putting it by his knee, and the spindle of tigertail wire.

And then the next song began, and her heart twisted. She thought she’d deleted all the copies of that song, but apparently she’d missed one, and she lurched to her feet, scrabbling at the computer. She tripped, trying not to step on Helios, and reeled hard into Ace’s shoulder.

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