The redhead nibbled softly on Isaac’s lip, breathing half-choked moans into the werewolf’s mouth. Male pleasure was just so /accessible/, and right now he was loving it. He slid one palm over Isaac’s shoulder, pressing down into the skin and muscles of his back, and grabbed a handful of his butt, dragging them closer together.

He loved how some elements of this remained the same, no matter the gender of the body beneath him — it was still essentially Summer. But this was truly delicious, and he continued to grind his hips down and moan into the kiss, pushing his rear into the other boy’s roaming hand. “What do you want, Summer?”

He slid his hand over the curves, hard with muscle from running and lacrosse, fingertips inching closer to the hole. The empath held his eyes half-lidded, paying attention to Isaac’s every reaction, tensely ready to jerk away if this wasn’t acceptable. “You,” he whispered. “Always you, just you, any possible way.”

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