Ace drew his shower curtains and stepped down on his mat, towel wrapped low around his waist. Just as he moved to tend to his scruff before the mirror, he tripped over something fluffy. Looking down, he saw Helios at his feet, ears flattened, eyes narrowed to slits. “How did you…?”




Helios licked his nose insolently, before bending to lick drops of water off Ace’s feet. He washed one spot assiduously, before hopping in the shower and looking up at the shower head. Then he looked at Ace, tail waving, and back at the shower head.

“Extra cheese?” she said, pleading. Then she fell silent, so Ace could talk to the guy on the other end of the line — someone he was obviously very familiar with. His smile — the little, sweet one — still made her heart skip a beat, and she wondered if he could tell.

“So … ” Summer said slightly awkwardly, “now what do we do? Am I allowed to sit you down and kiss you breathless?”


Ace overlooked her for a moment, heaving a sigh of mock-exasperation followed by a drawled out, “Okay…”

“Make that one medium extra cheese pizza pie. Give a slice or two to Fredo, okay? Tell him to stay outta trouble or he’ll have to answer to me.” A haughty laugh came from the other line.

“I’ll stop by tomorrow so we can talk more, okay? Yep, same address, same phone number. Alright, bye, Sammy.” Ace smiled before pressing end, turning his attention to the petite madame in his arms.

“Did you even have to ask, hon?” Leading her over to the couch, he plopped down and pulled her onto his lap.

She couldn’t help the giggle as she was settled on his lap. “I don’t want to go too fast and scare you off,” she confessed. She snuggled into his chest, making a contented hum, before starting to kiss her way along his collarbone and up his throat. 

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