With autumn’s chill fully settled in, the two had returned to keeping their doors closed — a change neither pet approved of in the least. The two humans, though, still spent more time together than not. Therefore, the knock at her door didn’t surprise Summer.

The roses in Ace’s hands did. She looked up from the flowers to his face. “Ah — what’s the occasion?”


Ace stood for those first few moments before the door, shifting his weight from one leg to the other as he heard her rustling about her flat. When the door swung open to reveal his lovely girlfriend, a small smile graced his features and he slowly held the bouquet out to her.

“A date. That thing that couples go on from time to time,” he explained rather sheepishly.

“Oh, Ace!” She took the flowers from him, tracing a fingertip along the edges of the petals with a smile. “These are beautiful.” She stepped back enough to allow him to come in, and bustled off to find a vase for the roses. Then she came back and offered him a kiss. “Where are we going?”

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