She blinked at him for a moment, mouth falling open a little. “Oh — ! Oh, of course. That sounds lovely!” She looked down at herself, slightly shabby exercise pants and faded t-shirt. “I should probably change, I think … “ 


Ace quirked an eyebrow at this. Of course, her sputtering seemed innocent enough, but she seemed rather surprised that he’d even asked her out on a date at all. Then again, anyone else would, too, given his callous nature.

“I’ll leave you to it. Reservations are set for five,” he said with a smile, before turning on his heel towards his own humble abode.

Reservations? Ace was really being serious about this date! It was incredibly sweet of him, too; flowers and a date at a nice restaurant. Summer smiled at his retreating back.

Just barely an hour later she was ready, pale green dress and french braided hair. She hoped her makeup was subtle enough — hell, she hoped Ace liked the way she looked. It could be really hard to tell what he really thought about something. She toyed with the pendant around her neck momentarily before knocking at Ace’s door.

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