Name: Summer Rainault
Age: 34
Do you like to cuddle?: Very much so
Can we make-out?: I guess if you want to
A night in or dinner out?: a night in
Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: both. both. both is good.
What makes you a good Valentine?: I’m very loving and open-hearted, I’m happy to listen to you for hours, and I’m cool with just about anything you want to do
Would you cook for me?: Of course, though I’m not a great cook
Would you let me cook for you?: only if I get to watch, because I do love to watch competent people working

[fuck it what’s the worst that can happen? whatev’]


“Sure, why not?”

“Did you have actual plans, or were you just going to wing it? I ask so I’ll know what to wear,” she teased.

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