“Isaac!” Summer reached out and grabbed his hands, heedless of the claws. “Shhh. Don’t do that.” He bit his tongue on the next thought — I will fight you if you force me, especially like this. Reaching up, he cupped Isaac’s cheek. “No more right now. I’ll stop teasing you. Anyway I’m hungry,” he offered a smile, “and I can’t eat you.”

He stilled immediately at the contact, fangs and claws shrinking until a pair of wide and sad human eyes regarded Summer’s. “I’m so sorry…” He croaked out and moved gently, slowly, burying his face in the crook of his boyfriend’s neck, shivering as he pressed a kiss to his skin. “You could try,” he added on in an attempt to lighten the mood, blunt nails caressing the other male’s sides.

The empath stroked the werewolf’s hair, easing fingers through the curls. “Shhh,” he repeated. “I don’t want to eat you up, then I wouldn’t have you anymore.”

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