She pushed the hood back again to stare at him, embarrassment tinting her cheeks. Then she flung herself at him in a huge hug, radiating gratitude overwhelmingly.




Derek was  a little startled at the sudden hug and rush of emotion, though he caught her and tentatively patted her back soothingly, still a tad bit stunned at the force of her gratitude but glad he could help and make someone feel so thankful.

She frowned, unsure. She couldn’t remember if she liked coffee or not. Taking the mug from him, she peered into it, shrugging helplessly. She paid careful attention to how he made the coffee, handing the mug back. It smelled good, anyway. She stole the mug again after he filled it, and Isaac appeared, sleep-tousled, just in time to see her make a face and shove the mug at Derek.

Derek prepared it how he liked his, which didn’t take much preparation. He drank his black with spoonsful of sugar. Probably too much sugar, but it’s how he liked it. He handed her mug back over and laughed boisterously as she nearly spit it out. “W’as s’funny?” Isaac asked in a sleep thick voice as he came in rubbing his eyes. “Summer decided she wanted to try coffee black. How about another go with sugar and creamer? It might be better to you,” he offered, pouring Isaac’s mug and cream and sugaring it how he liked. 

Summer gave Derek the most sceptical expression she could muster and put up her hands, making pushing motions at the mug. It had been bitter and harsh and she felt like something had died in her mouth now. Acquiring another mug from the cabinet, she poked through the refrigerator, identifying a carton that looked promising — milk. After a long gulp to wash the taste of coffee out of her mouth, she looked up at Derek, licking at the milk mustache.

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