Auction [just for stupid]




Send “Auction” for your muse buying mine as their slave

Derek snarled lowly but kept his head down as he was transferred to the person that bought him, seeing a small female form before him now.

“Spring can heal you. If you let her. That’s limited. What do you /want/?” she repeated. “Your future.”

They were all so pushy, and Derek was so tired. He just closed his eyes and exhaled, seeming to deflate. “I don’t know.”

Autumn huffed. “Fine. One day. You want anything, /anything/, you gotta ask for it, or get it yourself. After that there better be plans for the next week.” She came and knelt before him, putting a hand under his chin and lifting it, examining his face. “You better be worth all this effort is all I gotta say. You look like a waste of money to me.”

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