Complimentary sentence starters! Send my muse one:


  • “Wow, nice glasses!”
  • “I looove your hair!”
  • “Nice muscles, oooh~!”
  • “O-M-G, that skirt is sooo cute!”
  • “Your voice is like chocolate velvet.”
  • “Damn, nice butt!”
  • “You have lovely eyes.”
  • “You’re so kind…”
  • “You’re good at… punching stuff…”
  • “Love the way you started that fire. So sassy.”
  • “You’re so adorable!”
  • “Wow, you’re tall… I like it!”
  • “You look like you give the best hugs.”
  • “You look like a great kisser.”
  • “Nice jacket! Where did you get it?”
  • “You’re such a good cook!”
  • “Ooh, where did you get those shoes?”
  • “Damn, you can dance!”
  • “You’re great! You HAVE to teach me!”
  • “You laughed and I fell in love.”
  • “Your hair is so soft. Can I have some?”
  • “You look like a lovely person. Want to get coffee some time?”
  • “I found your notebook. You’re a really good artist, you know?”
  • “Hi, I’m ______, I’m a big fan of your work!”
  • “You smell like rainbows.”
  • “And when you smiiile! The whole world stops and stares for a whiiile!”

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