Summer ruffled Isaac’s curls before taking his arms and drawing him toward the bathroom again. “You are not getting a list right now. Right now we’re going to take a /short/ shower and you’re going to behave and not tease and then we’re going to get Mexican.” He grinned widely. “Because you love Mexican.”

Wriggling into Summer’s hand as his fingers moved through his hair, Isaac smirked playfully and allowed his boyfriend to take the lead, laughing. “So bossy, but I love you anyway. And I do love Mexican, but not as much as you.” He hummed and pressed a kiss to his cheek, before moving to turn the shower on.

True to his word, Summer clamped an iron control over himself, watching Isaac as little as possible. He washed himself with still-familiar efficiency and climbed out quickly, wrapping a towel around his waist and staring at himself in the foggy mirror.

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