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One afternoon, Stephen Colbert came in to the office. His show was about to premiere so he hadn’t spent much time in our studio. As he walked past me at my cubicle, he stopped and said, “You’re a new face, what’s your name?” I didn’t know what to really say, so I replied, “Oh, I’m just an intern.”

Colbert looked at me a moment and then said: “Just an intern? Hey, look, everybody starts somewhere. I was just an understudy at one point, but that’s just a point in time. It’s not about where you are now, or even where you hope to go, it’s who you are that matters. I’m Stephen, who are you?” I introduced myself and we shook hands. “Don’t let your place in the world dictate who you are to anyone. We all have the same merit.” Then he was gone, but his words lingered.

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That done fucked me up. T_T

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The best man.

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In the accompanying article Dwayne Johnson talks about his struggles with depression.

damn he look good

omg that chicken pox scar on his cheekbone *passes out*

uh can we focus on how fucking momentous this is? we have so few men in hollywood actually opening up this widely about their struggles with depression, so few instances of men talking about depression that ACTUALLY gets attention

and this isn’t coming from a “sensitive poet” type like a musician. male musicians frequently touch on things like depression, but when was the last time you had a former wrestler – a PRIME ATHLETE – openly discuss this?? can anyone remember? because i fucking can’t

this is amazing and brave and noteworthy and brilliant all at once, i love it and i love this man so much it hurts


Especially since he’s indigenous…This is an important issue.

*quietly adds this to the list of Reasons Why Dwayne Johnson Is An Awesome Person*

He’s also Black. Like…he identifies as both Samoan and Black.

Black men talking about their depression gives me so much hope