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Only Human | Closed RP | @fenrir-the-monster-wolf





That elicited a laugh. “Down the hallway at your back, first door on the right. I’m going to feed the cats while you get ready.” 

He gave a nod of his head, turning to go and dress himself in private. He entered the little room and closed the door behind him, removing the tunic and the trousers and replacing them with the clothes which Summer had bought for him. He replaced them on his body in the same fashion he had at the store, glancing in the mirror once he was done to assure himself that they were on properly.

‘Green,’ He thought idly to himself. ‘father’s favorite.’

He wasted little precious time by remaining in the room. He came out with the ages-old tunic and trousers bunched up in one hand, placing them on the bottom of the bag under the other articles which Summer had purchased for him. He watched her cats eat for a moment, amused at the small creatures.

While Fenrir was changing, Summer quickly braided her hair. If they were going to eat dinner outside, better not to let the wind get a hold of it. When he came out, her eyebrows shot up again. “You look good,” she said, head cocked to one side. “I hope you know how to handle yourself, because I think we may have a girl problem tonight.”

The fluffy cat headbutted her. “No, not you, stinker. You don’t know what girls are.” Offering the crook of her arm to Fenrir, Summer gestured toward the door once more. “Shall we, m’lord?”

He smiled. “Thank you.” He noted the braid in her hair, pleased by the sight of it. “You look most beautiful with your hair done thusly, if you do not mind my saying so.” His smile slipped slightly at her word choice and yet again he found himself confused. It was beginning to nag at him, how little he understood of this world. But he suspected it was to be expected. “I do not know what you mean to say.”

Regardless, he gave a light bow and took her arm in his. “Aye, we shall m’lady. At your lead.” He said as he held the door open for her to exit first.

“What I meant was,” she explained on the way down the stairs, “as a human, you’re pretty attractive. Girls like that sort of thing, tall, dark, brooding, looks like he might be a bit of a bad boy. I’m not really all that good at flirting.” She gave a self-deprecating chuckle. “But there are girls around here who really make me look awkward.” Summer tilted her head at him, unlocking the car again. “Is it going to bother you, people admiring you?”