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Baba O’Riley | Closed




“The ladies just call me Torch.” He winked at her before heaving a mental sigh of relief. In Johnny’s vast experience, if it’s weird it’s either going to try and kill you or be an Avenger. So far it seemed like the girl was going to be one of the latter.

“What’s your name?”

“Remind me to make a camera for the receivers- no, he’s not in trouble. I think- No, that’s unnecessary- Sue, Johnny’s an adult and highly capable of handling- If he’s in danger we’ll know, I can hear everything he can.” Johnny could hear his sister’s disapproving tone mumbling but couldn’t quite pick up what she was saying. “Johnny, your sister implores you to proceed cautiously. If you can, describe what kind of power she is exhibiting. Is it telekinetic, robotic-” Sue’s voice cut through again and Reed paused. “But most importantly stay safe.”

Oh, lords gods and minor deities, she’d forgotten his reputation as a flirt. “You can call me Naienko. Mr. Torch.” She tried to look repressive, and folded her arms, but her suit wasn’t really conducive to that kind of attitude.

He looked abstracted. “Are you okay?”

“Naienko, that’s a pretty name.” Johnny smiled charmingly at her as Reed started talking at light speed.

“Nai, is a Japanese negative though it generally comes after a word, Enko is a female name with meanings from charming to little princess depending on the characters used, enko is also a Slavic suffix meaning son of. What is she doing? Does she have any weapons? Nobody under the name Naienko is showing up in any of my searches.”

“I’m fine… just a little distracted. Sorry. Give me one second.”

Johnny put his hand on his ear. “Dude you have got to lay off the caffeine. She’s flying, and on fire, dude she has wings! I don’t think she’s going to attack so I’m signing off now.” He turned off the device ignoring Reed’s protests.

“Sorry about that.”

“You … have a handler. As a superhero?” Summer tried, unsuccessfully, to smother a snicker.