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Oh what a day. What a freaking fandom week. It’s time for some normalcy. That normalcy is called Follower of the Week.

This week’s contest is Tom Hiddleston specific.

By now you may have heard that Mr. Hiddleston has been tapped to co-star with Hugh Laurie in the adaptation of The Night Manager.

With that in mind the contest this week is:

Cast Tom Hiddleston in your Favorite Novel

Here’s what to do:

Reblog this post with the name of a novel that you would like to see turned into a film as well as the part you would love to see Tom Hiddleston play.

You must be following me to win.

Only reblogs count as entries.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

I will leave the contest open until Sunday October 5, 2014 8pm EDT.

I will choose a winner Sunday October 5, 2014.

The winner will be highlighted on the blog. Both in a post and on my brand spankin’ new Blogs I Recommend page.

I will follow you if I’m not already.

I will do a write up about your blog and recommend it.

I will generally love on you.

Are you ready??

Just shy of two hours to enter.

The novel(s) that I would adore seeing turned into films would be Kushiel’s Dart and at least its other two books in the series. These novels involve magic, alternate history, intrigue, action, sex, royalty, and BDSM. The BDSM is more than for fun and not the central focus of the novel it even helps further the plot many times. But it is far from the only interesting thing the author Jacquline Carey includes. Included in the alternate history is a new religion and pantheon that is well thought out and interesting. If you have not read this series you really should.

There are about four possible roles for Tom Hiddleston to play concerning age, gender, and the roles that would interest him.

1. Delaunay – A very important role at the start of the novel and movies but for plot reasons soon becomes not as visible but no less important. Delanuy is the main characters benefactor, and father figure. But he is still young. A many full of secrets even from his own household.

Prince Baudoin – A powerful young prince of the realm of Terr’D Ange. 3rd or 4th in line for the crown. He is featured in a scene in the main characters childhood but also later for some plot related hotness. This princeling is arrogant, battle ready, ruled by his cock, and lusting after a crown.

Elua – A God. Elua is the product of Jesus and Mother Earth. He is beautiful, many of the angels left heaven to follow him, he and his companions stayed on earth a long time and took humans as lovers thus creating the race of D’angelines. Flowers would spring up from were he walked.

Joscelin Verreuil – a Cassiline Brother. (a priest who has studied protection of a companion since he was a child) When he first appears he is asshole in the extreme. But then he and the main character get… well I don’t want to spoiler you. You spend a lot of time angry and this character and he has to be able to fight beautifully. This would be the role I would most want to see Tom Hiddleston in.

P sure he’d be Delaunay. Joscelin is just — like, I love the character, but Tom is too old. The first novel, you know, Joscelin, they’re eighteen, nineteen. It wouldn’t work. No matter how much we want it to.

He’d work for Avatar, though, or Imriel’s trilogy.

Honestly, I could see him as d’Essoms. That edge, you know, he’d be fantastic walking that cutting edge.

Now I have to reread them, thanks ><