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The weirdest thing about watching Teen Wolf cast at cons, especially SDCC, is that they talk about how crowded and amazing it is — but they filmed in Atlanta, how did they not ever go to Dragoncon? Or at least know about it, omg.

But then ALL the cons they do are for-profit, industry cons. And Dragon’s NOT like that at all.


#don’t even with me #3b was just constant tears #also can we talk about how Scott is just so wanting to help that he didn’t even mean to take Stiles’s pain #like they imply this is something you have to focus on #but Scott McCall just wants to make everything okay for his friend that he doesn’t even have the intent to take his pain but does on accident #and that is why anyone who argues Scott McCall does not care about his friends is utterly full of shit (via scotsbetaliam)