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▣ (If I’m not too late and it’s okay.)

“Merlin,” Summer whispered. “I know you understand this. I won’t let them use us like this. It’s for Arthur. I promise, it won’t hurt, I won’t let it hurt. Just look at me, Merlin.” She lifted the blade, blinking hard to keep the tears from blurring her vision, and brought it down in a precise arc, before lifting it to her own throat in an equally swift stroke.


oy! what kind of friends get mad because you don’t agree with them over a SHOW? O.o

((I’m not really worried about them getting mad as much as I am about me accidentally insulting them by association and hurting their feelings. Like I’ll say something that offends them while I’m ranting and they’ll be hurt.))

Seriously, you are not responsible for their feelings. Is it worthwhile to worry about other peoples’ feelings? Yes. But not to the point where you feel stifled. And, you know, maybe if they get offended, they should come to you and talk to you like a rational person instead of just being butthurt.

also, I’m pretty sure my throat is currently made of sandpaper.

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12. Kiss on the knee

Summer leaned her head on Merlin’s leg, smiling. Firelight flickered off her face, and she stretched a hand to it, calling it a little higher. The woods stretched silent and still in winter snow around them. They had played for hours on the frozen river, sliding around and throwing random bits of magic at each other; somehow snowballs had got involved, and when they were thoroughly breathless and more than a little damp they’d come back to this hollow on the hillside.

Turning her head, she knocked her forehead against his knee, then kissed it briefly. “Thanks, Merlin. Today was perfect. You were right.”

-I can’t keep hurting you.-



“Wha—Merlin, /what/?” She can’t believe what he’s just said. He thinks he’s hurting her? Of all the absurd, ridiculous … “What?”

I don’t know if I should be around you anymore. I keep hurting you, and I don’t want that. 

“What in the world are you on about?” It didn’t make sense. After all, it wasn’t as if he’d been ugly about not being in love with her; he’s been very sweet and gentle about it. They were friends. She thought. “Merlin, you aren’t hurting me.”