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Well how about that.

Of course, I should have thought that people would lose their checks; of course there’s a system in place to deal with that.

Wow, talk about a crazy week for me. I’ve got a new job, and it starts a month earlier than I expected. Feb. 2. It’s regular business hours, so I won’t be on during this time of day anymore, but I’ll see replies and things and do them when I get home. I’m grading US standardized tests that can’t be graded by a computer. So if you take a writing test in the US, I might be grading it!

And I had lost my last paycheck from my seasonal job, but I just called and that’s going to be reissued to me, plus I have surprise money from my investments, and I’m going to Detroit tomorrow for almost a week!

-confettis everywhere-

(Do you want to change ? Do it only if you want it. <3 )

I’m /used/ to Molly. But I really … like, it’s one thing to ‘compete’ with other players on a canon character. You expect to do that, more or less. But when there’s another oc out there that’s as eerily similar to yours, even to the fc and powers and all — that’s discomforting.

I feel like I have to change something; I don’t want to deal with that kind of ‘competition’, never mind the inevitable ‘you ripped [other oc] off’.