The Long and Winding Road | open RP



Summer paused and contemplated the facade of her apartment building. It felt like much longer than a week or so that she had walked away wondering if it would even be worth it to come back. She shook the keys dangling from one hand and blew out a breath. The knot of anxiety in the pit of her stomach was stupid and meaningless. Marie would welcome her back, or shoot her on sight. Loki, the same.

She fit the key into the lock and pushed open the door, stepping inside. Home.

“And where have you been?”

Loki sat there in the shadows, his voice carried a hint of something between condescending and concern. It was difficult to pinpoint, as all else with him. “I’ve worried myself ill.” Definitely he’d been dipped sarcasm this time.

Summer dropped the keys in startlement. “For fuck’s sake!” she gasped on a rising shriek. “What in hell are you doing here?!” She leaned back against the door, pressing a hand against her chest. “I needed some space to think. I needed to … recenter myself.” Her voice took on a snap of snark. “Does that meet with your approval?”