Valentine’s Evening || iamthefirechild



Summer swallowed hard. “Much,” she whispered. Wriggling backward off the bed, eyes dark and biting at her lip, she slid the dress all the way off to pool at her feet. Carefully, she stepped out of it. Red waves of hair slipped over one shoulder as she turned her head to look at Tony, one hand smoothing the strap of her bra off her shoulder.

Twisting around, she repeated the action on the other side, then unhooked the back. Under the fall of hair, her hands slid over bare skin, diamonds flaring briefly between strands of red. Slowly, she stepped toward the bed again, eyes shyly hidden beneath lashes. One hand traced the curve of her hip.

Tony watched her with rapt attention, slowly sitting up on his elbows again, to better see her.  He swallowed thickly once she unhooked her bra, and finally sat up properly.  He reached out to settle one hand on her other hip and drew her closer, shifting his knees apart so he could pull her between them and then tug her down to kiss her again.  His hand trailed slowly up her side from her hip.

She swayed into the kiss, pressing into his hand as she leaned closer. She trailed one hand down along his leg, fingertips sliding from his knee up the inside of his thigh while she bit at his mouth. Her other hand traced across her own abdomen, fingers splayed across the skin, and down over the hem of her panties.