Been Gone A Long While




Victor smirked, “That’s because you do, love.” He picked up his pace, feeling her muscles contract around him. His own orgasm was building as he continued thrusting. “I’m right here Summer.” He said quietly as he held her close and bit her neck gently. A low growl grew in his throat as he came for the first time since they’d last been together. His muscles tightened and his body grew stiff as he rode out their pleasure before he went limp against her, his breath heavy.

Linking her hands behind her back, she forced her eyes open and pressed her mouth to whatever skin she could reach. “Ngh, god,” she managed. “Stay. Stay.” She repeated the word over and over, punctuating it with kisses. “I love you.”

Victor smiled and gently kissed her shoulder before resting his head against her chest. He listened to her heartbeat, reminding himself that she was real and not one of his imaginings. “I love you too Summer an’ I don’t plan on leaving any time soon, for a very long time actually.”

Summer tightened her arms around him, holding as strongly as she could. ‘You said that before, and you vanished.’ The thought bowed her mouth into an arc of pain, and she swallowed back renewed tears. Even the joy of making love once again couldn’t chase that fear away, it seemed. “I truly don’t think I could bear it if I lost you again,” she whispered.