“I already regret this.”





“Don’t be, this’ll be lots of fun for us, not everyday one goes exploring.”


“Perhaps, but what concerns me is that he wakes up while with you and spooks the horse. I can handle it well if something should happen.”

“I trained my mare myself,” Summer said. “She won’t spook at anything.” Neglecting to mention that someone with command of fire magic needs a calm horse, and that even without that she could keep the horse from causing trouble with her other magic. “I really think we should put him on my mare and I’ll ride with you.”

“This is an argument that isn’t worth continuing. I trust you on your judgement and you can have him, but the minute… if he wakes up or anything and tries any funny business, let me know so I can do something about it.”

It wasn’t nearly the gracious concession she wanted, but she let it pass. “Yes, sire.” She gave the wounded knight one last pat on the chest, then rose and mounted her horse. “If you can lift him across the saddle, I can support him. We need to stop wasting time.”