Summer puts a bakery box on the bar at Carpe Noctem and smiles sweetly at the bartender. “Send for Vex.”




The bartender raised an eyebrow at the girl as she set a box on the counter of his bar. “You’re that Summer girl, right?” he asked absently, and then nodded as he stepped away to find his employer. Several minutes later, he returned, “Vex’ll be out momentarily.” 

And several moments later, the Mesmer appeared, walking over to where Summer stood at the bar. He was dressed in his finest. “‘Ello, Precious,” he greeted, “Ya called?”


Her acknowledging ‘hmm’ broke into a laugh. “Your people don’t really celebrate this holiday?” That thought had been why she had come to Carpe Noctem. To find that he had planned to come to her was a lovely thing. Rather than letting him answer, she kissed him again with that thought.

Vex scrunched up his nose as she laughed at him, but was easily distracted by her kiss. Returning it for a moment, he smiled against her mouth before pulling back to reply, “Not particularly. Too many love-Fae that try to muck it up and get in the way.”  He kissed her again with a shrug, but it was short-lived because the door to the room opened. 

“Having fun with your pet, Vex?”

Breaking the kiss to growl, the Mesmer’s eyes turned to look at the Fae that had interrupted.  ”She isn’t your concern. Now get out before I bloody—”

“Oh I’m sorry, did I interrupt your meal?”

“I-I don’t—just get out of ‘ere, you braggart!” He took control of the other male just long enough to make him step back and slam the door shut behind him, and then let out an irritated sigh.

Summer blinked up at him with one eyebrow lifted. “What was /that/ all about?”

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