“I already regret this.”




“Don’t be, this’ll be lots of fun for us, not everyday one goes exploring.”


They were almost back to Camelot when the strange knight began to rouse. He didn’t move much, but his head tossed where it was leaned back on her shoulder, and he mumbled feverish nonsense. Summer called up to Arthur, “We should hurry. He’s waking, and I don’t know what will happen.”

Arthur heard her words and nudged his foot into his horse’s side a bit, moving them faster so that they could reach Camelot quickly. Once within its walls, he dismounted his horse and turned to Summer. “Alright, now that we’re here, we need to go take care of him and bring him to Gaius.”

She nearly rolled her eyes at him. “I’m going to need your help here,” she pointed out. “Are we trying to keep this secretive, or let just anyone see? Because I don’t think even you can carry him to Gaius’ chambers.” Never mind the fact that the knight was definitely waking up now, and he was unlikely to respond well to being in a strange place and handled by strange folk.

Especially after he begged them to kill him.

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