Erica couldn’t help but to laugh as Summer smacked straight into a lamp post. “Oh my god, are you ok?” She was giggling as she walked over to her and put her arms around her shoulder.

“Definitely. Oh there’s this book I heard about that I really want to read, it’s called The Maze Runner. It’s supposed to be really good.” She smiled as she and Summer continued walking down the street in the direction of the store.

“I started it, but I got distracted. I don’t know, I don’t really like books where I spend the whole book wondering what’s going on. Third-person limited is just really hard to read.” Summer shrugged, stopping to browse through the sale books outside. “But you should try it anyway. I just want to see if they have any copies of Words of Radiance yet.”

“Yeah that’s fair enough, I love the really mind fucky books though, they keep me reading.” She smiled and browsed through the pile with Summer. She was so glad she now had a friend who shared her passion of reading.

“Well, but there’s a difference between books that make me think and books that fuck with my mind. You know? Like Ender’s Game, that makes me think. Oooh, I’ve been trying to find this for ages!” She pounced on a tiny, thin book.

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