“I already regret this.”




“Don’t be, this’ll be lots of fun for us, not everyday one goes exploring.”


“To the stables. There will be empty stalls and it won’t be too loud or obvious.” Summer didn’t stop to think about how she had basically just ordered Arthur around. “I’ll go get Gaius.”

Arthur ignored that fact of being bossed around to keep the knight they have protected and a secret. “Get him quickly, we don’t need anything bad to happen.” He quickly led the knight to the stables and gently placed him down on the big bed of hay.

Summer felt like it took entirely too long to persuade Gaius to come out of his rooms and down to the stables. He kept saying, “Well, why can’t you bring him up here?” and “Surely this doesn’t need to be such a secret,” until finally she hissed at him, “There may be magic involved.” At which point he raised both eyebrows, closed his mouth, and followed her back down the stairs.

Meanwhile, the knight continued to mumble incoherently, sweat sticking his golden hair to his brow. He groped at his side for his sword, but didn’t seem to be truly aware of his surroundings.

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