The Discovery of Hidden Secrets



“Bitten? Wha—OH. No. No, I’m not bitten. I just fell down. I’m fine, really.” She tried her best to be reassuring, which was a little hard when surrounded by werewolves. She slid her gaze back to the blue eyes, and noticed another pair of blue eyes in the shadows, much darker now.

Only one of them, only Derek, had red eyes. Did that mean he was the leader? But then what did blue eyes mean? Isaac’s eyes were blue when he — what would the word be — when he wasn’t wolfy, but not this kind of blue. 

Summer heaved a sigh and put her head under Isaac’s chin. “I want to go home,” she muttered.

Eyes roaming her body with concern, he nodded slowly and seemed the most satisfied with her answer, although he still wasn’t happy with the coppery scent of blood lingering over her body. Something had hurt her, and both the human part and the wolf part of him didn’t like that.

Tightening his hold around her then, Isaac turned his head to glance at Derek for permission, and once it was granted, he turned on his heel and carried her out of the woods. As they reached the outskirts, his facial features transformed into his human ones again, silent for fear of what she might say to him now that they were alone.

“Um, Isaac?” Summer glanced up. “Oh, you changed back!” Her tone was coloured with surprise and disappointment. “I — my car is over there.” She pointed. “D-do you need a ride home?”

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