summer by the sea



“You want me to want to lick you,” she retorted, and pointed to the door. “March, mister.” He went, and she stalked behind him. “Right down to the car. We are going to the beach.”

“Get out of here already!” Derek shouted behind her, and she turned to catch sight of what appeared to be an actual smile on his face. Amazing. She grinned back, and then had to jerk on the door three times to get it to move. She wouldn’t let Isaac help her, and chivied him down the stairs.

Helios meowed from his carry-case, wedged between the two seatbacks, and she put a finger in to scritch him while Isaac put his bag in the trunk. “Finally ready now?”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” he quipped with a crooked smile, his laughter filling the loft as he led her out, oblivious to Derek’s searching look at the small smile on his face at the sight and sound of Isaac’s happiness.

Grabbing at her hand and swinging it to and fro, he laughed aloud and threw his bag in the trunk, before dropping down into a crouch to say hello to Helios. “I didn’t know that cats liked the sea-side?” he offered up with a grin, before saluting once more and clambering into the passenger seat.

“He came out and found you, didn’t he? He doesn’t like to be left alone. He’ll be completely content to just stay in the cabin and help us shower.” Summer buckled up and headed out. “What do you want to eat?”

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