summer by the sea



Summer looked up, making her eyes big and round and innocent. “Is there something you want?” She tried to dig a channel from her castle’s makeshift moat to the sea, and frowned as the sides kept collapsing or melting inward. Every wave eroded a little more of the outer edges.

“Mmm, I’m not allowed to do naughty things in public, remember? People are watching,” Isaac protested with a crooked smile and fought the urge to pull her into his arms and kiss away the expression on her face. Watching as her hard work was ruined by the sea, his eyes narrowed and he lay down on the ground, attempting to arrange his body to become a barrier against the waves, allowing her to work freely.

“Mmmm, depends what kind of naughty — Isaac, what are you doing?” She gave him a very puzzled glance, a handful of sand balanced in the air. “You know it’s just going to seep under you, right? Or there’ll be a bigger — ” A bigger-than-usual wave broke over his hip. Biting at her lips to keep from laughing, she added, “The tide is coming in.”

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