summer by the sea



She stuck her tongue out at him. “Shoes, Isaac. We have to buy the things. Shoes, wallet. I’m going to find the cookbook.” She rummaged around in a cabinet next to the stove for a minute before coming up with a box that said ‘Fondue’ in bright letters across the front. She fished a little book out of that and tucked it under one arm.

He whined dramatically, but nevertheless moved to slip his shoes on, eyeing her with a fond smile. “Have…um…have you got some money?” He winced sheepishly and scrunched his nose up, feeling himself cripple slightly with shame.

“Yes, darling idiot, I have money.” She poked his nose, then rose up on tiptoes to kiss it. “I was not expecting you to buy the food, just to help me carry the bags.” It didn’t really take them very long at the store, all things considered. The clerk, an older lady, gave them very knowing looks as she rang them up, and Summer blushed under her gaze, but she only said, “You kids have fun, now,” as she sent them off.

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