the Tale of Sir Isaac



“Love you, love you loveyou,” she panted, hand slipping up into his curls and pulling downward. She needed to kiss him, needed to let him know how good this was, how much she wanted to be a part of him and never ever let him go. She laid herself completely open to him, taking him as deep as possible.

“Yes!” He hissed out loudly, nuzzling at her fingers as they tangled in her hair, allowing her to control the kiss as he thrust into her body, rocking her slightly up the bed as he gradually sped up. “Mine. Love you, Summer…” he chanted into the kiss, tongue slipping in her mouth as he pistoned in and out of her.

The way he said ‘mine’ made her shudder, biting at his mouth and riding him hard. She could feel the edge, rapidly swept toward it, but it was just out of reach. “Do that again,” she whispered, between kisses.

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