the Tale of Sir Isaac



Smugly, she relaxed back, admiring the flex and stretch of his body as he worked. The sense of their togetherness pooled low in her belly, radiating warmth and contentment. He passed her a loaf of bread, and some cheese, and she smiled, remembering their first meal together.

“Enjoying yourself there?” he commented dryly, feeling her eyes on his back as he twisted around to pass her back some food, tearing off his own portion of bread and eating it on its own. He sat like that for a few moments until he’d had his fill, and he lay back and stretched out alongside her.

She brushed her fingertips along his shoulder when he laid beside her. “I was just thinking about … that first night. How patient you were. How awful I was.” Delicately she picked off bits of bread, nibbling on them.

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