Ace drew his shower curtains and stepped down on his mat, towel wrapped low around his waist. Just as he moved to tend to his scruff before the mirror, he tripped over something fluffy. Looking down, he saw Helios at his feet, ears flattened, eyes narrowed to slits. “How did you…?”




Helios licked his nose insolently, before bending to lick drops of water off Ace’s feet. He washed one spot assiduously, before hopping in the shower and looking up at the shower head. Then he looked at Ace, tail waving, and back at the shower head.

The way his throat moved against her mouth made Summer purr. “I could see you every day and you would still be as far away as the moon, if I frightened you off,” she murmured, the tip of her tongue swiping out to catch the point behind his ear. She leaned out to look at his face. “I might not know when to stop.”

Ace’s breath hitched in his throat at her close proximity, her own against his bare skin making him shiver. When she spoke, his eyes narrowed to slits and flickered over in the general direction of where she latched onto him.

“Mm,” he hummed in acknowledgement of the weight her words seemed to carry, reaching out to trace over her bottom lip with the pad of his thumb once she pulled away.

“That settles it, then. We’ll be boring and take it slow.” Though, on the inside, this put his mind to ease.

The way he touched her mouth made her wonder just what ‘slow’ meant to him, because that kind of touch pretty much just turned her on. But if he wanted to take it slow, she’d do slow. With a quiet sigh, she leaned her head against his shoulder.

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