Dates. They’re what normal couples go on.

But Ace is not a normal person.

He’s dated normal people, or, mostly-normal people, namely Lily. And even she wasn’t big on dates. Still, she dragged him out to a local grill and they spent the night conversing about anything that came to mind over a plate of sweet-potato fries.

Though he hated to admit it, it felt nice. And he knew, sooner or later, Summer would want to do the same.

So, before she got the chance to, he came knocking at her door at approximately two that afternoon, a dozen roses in his hand.

With autumn’s chill fully settled in, the two had returned to keeping their doors closed — a change neither pet approved of in the least. The two humans, though, still spent more time together than not. Therefore, the knock at her door didn’t surprise Summer.

The roses in Ace’s hands did. She looked up from the flowers to his face. “Ah — what’s the occasion?”

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