“Mmhmm,” Summer sighed out slowly. Tingles ran over his skin, the fine hairs rising and falling. He shifted against Isaac’s slow hands, trying not to moan with impatience. “You could do this for hours, couldn’t you?” he whispered.

Scooting closer down so that he could press a kiss to each of his boyfriend’s cheeks, he laughed and caressed the insides of his thighs, shifting against his skin. “Oh, I could — but I think you’d end up killing me before that,” he teased and cupped his rear, massaging the flesh in his hands. “Is this okay?”

He couldn’t swallow that moan, and shifted again, rubbing himself against the bed. “If you ask me that again I’m going to kill you,” he said, slightly breathless. “Assuming I’m not so boneless I can’t move. Then I’ll just get the cat to kill you, later.”

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