She pushed the hood back again to stare at him, embarrassment tinting her cheeks. Then she flung herself at him in a huge hug, radiating gratitude overwhelmingly.




Derek was  a little startled at the sudden hug and rush of emotion, though he caught her and tentatively patted her back soothingly, still a tad bit stunned at the force of her gratitude but glad he could help and make someone feel so thankful.

Isaac slid the pad across the table to him, just out of Summer’s reach. She flailed at him, then huffed and folded her arms at them, radiating not-entirely-sincere displeasure. Then, since it was clear she wasn’t going to get to ‘say’ anything, she picked up their plates and marched off to wash them too.

When she turned back, Isaac was leaning over Derek’s shoulder, both of them peering at the list. “We’re going to need Lydia for this. Maybe Kira too.”

Derek chuckled at Summer’s flailing, keeping the pad away from her hands and then chuckled again as she huffed off into the kitchen. “I’m not sure if she believed me when I told her I’d help,” he told Isaac with a soft smile. 

Nodding at the suggestion, he looked over the list one last time. “It’s not like they’d object, they like to help with those types of things. But no, I will not let Lydia within 100 feet of my closet still, make sure to pass that along. Hey Summer,” he called lightly.

She poked her head back in, hands full of dripping plate, and made an expression of listening.

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