She pushed the hood back again to stare at him, embarrassment tinting her cheeks. Then she flung herself at him in a huge hug, radiating gratitude overwhelmingly.




Derek was  a little startled at the sudden hug and rush of emotion, though he caught her and tentatively patted her back soothingly, still a tad bit stunned at the force of her gratitude but glad he could help and make someone feel so thankful.

Turning on her heel, Summer stamped off to take over Derek’s bathroom. She was just annoyed enough not to care that she had nothing to put on afterward, and made a valiant attempt at using up all the hot water, too.

Derek just sighed. He could feel her annoyance. He didn’t know what to do about it though. While she seemed to have a personal vendetta against the bathroom, Derek just curled back up with Isaac, settling in and drifting back to sleep with him.

Sulking quickly gave way to utter hedonism again in Derek’s bathtub. When she came back out, wrapped up in Derek’s bathrobe (which was hilariously too big for her), with little damp wisps of hair straggling around her face, and discovered them asleep again, she shrugged and crawled back into the bed, insinuating herself between them.

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