Auction [just for stupid]




Send “Auction” for your muse buying mine as their slave

Derek snarled lowly but kept his head down as he was transferred to the person that bought him, seeing a small female form before him now.

Spring’s face was still impassive, calm, but Summer closed her eyes, looking pained. She pulled her hand back, then laid the folder on the little table by the door, on top of the few medical tools there. “This is why I wish you could trust us, just a little. Everything we do makes you afraid. I don’t understand it! There’s no trick, no trap, you can ask any question you like, do anything you like!”

She buried her face in her hands, and Spring came to place a hand on the redhead’s shoulder. “I told you,” she said softly, looking at Derek. “She takes it as a personal insult. Please go, for now.”

Derek didn’t hesitate at that moment, asked to leave. He left the room at half a run, but he didn’t know where to go besides his ‘own room.’ He sniffed it out by scent, remembering the way pretty well but using his nose to be sure. He shut the door and used the lock this time, not caring that he felt closed in. He needed a little security right now. He’d been yelled at for being afraid when he’d been taught to fear his entire life by the cruelty of another hand. He went into the bathroom, closing that door as well, and sat in the tub with his arms around his legs, back pressed to cold tile, easing the ache of the healing whip marks that he’d tried to keep out of sight of the others all day already.

After a long time, a sharp tap came at his door. An unfamiliar voice called, “I know you’re in there. Please open the door. I swear I just want to talk.”

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