the Tale of Sir Isaac



“Yes,” she breathed, laying gentle kisses up his torso. “Tell me everything.”

“When you were gone, I allowed myself to picture us together, in our little home, in the meadow, everywhere we’d been together. But then, on occasion, I found my mind wandering, conjuring up scenarios that I wasn’t aware that I was capable of.” He moaned and writhed beneath her, goosebumps rising as her lips brushed across his skin. “And now that we’re together again, I want to put those images, some if not all of them, into practice. I want to take you apart with my fingers and my tongue first, before sliding into you, making you mine…and I really hope that you don’t mind the sudden return of my possessive nature?”

She laughed against his skin, leaving more delicate kisses. “Why, Isaac, is it so sudden? After saying that you don’t want to see anyone else, after coming here and fighting for me, this is sudden?” She nipped at him. “Tell me more of these scenarios. What did you think of doing?”

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