the Tale of Sir Isaac



She laughed against his skin, leaving more delicate kisses. “Why, Isaac, is it so sudden? After saying that you don’t want to see anyone else, after coming here and fighting for me, this is sudden?” She nipped at him. “Tell me more of these scenarios. What did you think of doing?”

He shifted beneath her, purring at the caress of kisses as he shook his head. “Not so sudden, really, but it just seems to have grown stronger since we were reunited…” he admitted shamelessly, cheeks burning a brighter shade of crimson as he arched up into her lips. “Making you cry out so loudly with delight that the whole Kingdom knows exactly what I’m doing to you.”

“What else?” she breathed, stretching out beside him with her head perched on one arm. Delicately she traced patterns on his skin with her free hand.

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