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Stiles reached out and whacked Jackson on the back of the head, and the blond whipped around to glare. “Come off it, Jackson,” Danny cut in. “Isaac, you’ve been going out for months. Why would she say no?”

“He what?” Jackson whipped back around — if he wasn’t a werewolf he’d be dizzy as hell — and stared at Isaac. “Who? Who are you dating?” His shock carried him right into Isaac’s space. “Wait a minute! Is this that girl that you were freaking out about that one full moon?”

“Because…” Because I’m me, because she’s Summer, because I’m me ran like a discomforting mantra in his head, and because words were failing him yet again, he simply shrugged helplessly, too distressed to be amused at Jackson’s amazement.

Or, at least he didn’t fully register Jackson’s reacting until the other male was right in front of him, and he nodded reluctantly, hunching down to make himself appear as small as possible, quite a feat for someone of his height. “That’s Summer.”

“/You/ have a girlfriend. You’ve had a girlfriend for months. A secret girlfriend.” Jackson, in his shock, was repeating himself. Obviously amused, Danny let him ramble on, a glint in his eyes as he looked at Isaac.

“She’s not gonna say no, man.” The expression on his face shifted, subtly, eyes darkening, as he added, “She’d be crazy to say no to that.”

“Danny, I thought /I/ was attractive to you!” Stiles whined, and most of the tension shattered in laughter at Stiles’ deliberate expense.

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