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Scott gave Isaac a funny look when the curly werewolf abruptly buried himself in his locker. “There’s a girl you want to ask? That’s awesome!” he bubbled. “Uh, I guess you just — do it.”

“Real helpful, Scott,” Stiles remarked. The room filled with boy-changing noises for a moment before Jackson came around the lockers, arms folded and frowning.

“What is taking so long?”

“Isaac’s having a crisis,” Stiles said helpfully. “He wants to ask a girl to the dance and doesn’t know how.”

Jackson scoffed. “What girl would agree? He doesn’t even like to be touched.”

“Just do it?” he echoed doubtfully, furrowing his eyebrows together as he twirled to regard Scott. That was easy for the other boy to say — Captain of the Lacrosse team, a good-looking, kind-hearted guy who hadn’t been beaten to a pulp for years — he would have no problem getting a date for the winter formal.

He was about to say this aloud, when Jackson intervened and Isaac’s expression darkened. Maybe the other male was right — she wouldn’t want to go with him, would she? He could ask, but he doubted she’d agree. He wasn’t particularly good in a social setting as he was terrified of ruining their relationship.

Stiles reached out and whacked Jackson on the back of the head, and the blond whipped around to glare. “Come off it, Jackson,” Danny cut in. “Isaac, you’ve been going out for months. Why would she say no?”

“He what?” Jackson whipped back around — if he wasn’t a werewolf he’d be dizzy as hell — and stared at Isaac. “Who? Who are you dating?” His shock carried him right into Isaac’s space. “Wait a minute! Is this that girl that you were freaking out about that one full moon?”

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