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Of all people, it was Jackson who slapped Isaac’s shoulder after lacrosse practise, muttering encouragement. Danny tipped him a wink, though, and Stiles was all but pushing him out the school doors as soon as they finished changing out.

Scott was oblivious, too absorbed in asking Kira to the dance no doubt. Although he might be mentioning Isaac’s dilemma to her, for she cast the curly werewolf a very knowing kind of glance over Scott’s shoulder. It was probably fortunate that none of the /other/ girls in the pack seemed to know.

Lydia’s advice might have been overwhelming for the shy boy.

Managing not to flinch violently at the other male’s unexpected contact, Isaac graced him with a brief smile and a faint nod, before turning on his heel and heading out of the lockers after showering and changing. Ensuring that he had his backpack hoisted up securely on his shoulder, he exhaled a deep breath and smiled at the others watching him intently.

Oblivious to everything else around him, Isaac had one though swirling constantly in his mind, and heading toward the parking lot, he jumped in the passenger seat of Stiles’s Jeep, distracted from the boy’s usual chattering. Before he knew it, he was outside Summer’s home, and he licked at his lips, before entering the building and knocking on the door.

Summer opened the door, smiling up at him and preventing Helios’ precipitate exit with one foot. “Hey, babe! How was school?” She pulled him inside, giving an exaggerated shiver, and stretched up for a kiss.

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