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“/You/ have a girlfriend. You’ve had a girlfriend for months. A secret girlfriend.” Jackson, in his shock, was repeating himself. Obviously amused, Danny let him ramble on, a glint in his eyes as he looked at Isaac.

“She’s not gonna say no, man.” The expression on his face shifted, subtly, eyes darkening, as he added, “She’d be crazy to say no to that.”

“Danny, I thought /I/ was attractive to you!” Stiles whined, and most of the tension shattered in laughter at Stiles’ deliberate expense.

And on a sudden spur of spontaneity, Isaac smirked, and if that crooked little smile wasn’t as powerful as it usually was, well, no-one called him out on it, at any rate. “Yeah, guess I’m not as much as a freak as you thought I was, huh, Jackson?”

But turning to Danny then, he hesitated and bit down on his bottom lip, not registering the shift in Danny’s expression before he slowly nodded. “I guess I’ll take your word for it, but thanks, Danny. That means a lot.”

And just like that, everyone was laughing again, Stiles the target for the hilarity as Isaac lost himself in his own mind. He vowed to talk to Summer after classes had ended that day, and hopefully by that point, he’d have mustered up the courage not to stammer aloud his request.

Of all people, it was Jackson who slapped Isaac’s shoulder after lacrosse practise, muttering encouragement. Danny tipped him a wink, though, and Stiles was all but pushing him out the school doors as soon as they finished changing out.

Scott was oblivious, too absorbed in asking Kira to the dance no doubt. Although he might be mentioning Isaac’s dilemma to her, for she cast the curly werewolf a very knowing kind of glance over Scott’s shoulder. It was probably fortunate that none of the /other/ girls in the pack seemed to know.

Lydia’s advice might have been overwhelming for the shy boy.

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