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Helios lifted himself up on his back legs to push at Isaac’s hand, purring loudly. “What is it?” Making an exaggerated ‘oof’ noise, she took his backpack and carried it over to the couch to join her pile of classwork. “Do you need my help with a paper again?”

Picking Helios up without a second thought, Isaac cradled him to his chest and followed after her, looking increasingly more nervous as he ducked his head. “No. I, um…well, it’s…you could be busy and that’s fine, it’s not that big a deal, maybe for girls but I kind of…I do want to go but only if you do and well…I’m making a mess of this…” he babbled quickly, distracting himself by scratching behind Helios’ ear once again.

By about the third hesitation, Summer was kneeling on the couch, watching him with a perplexed expression. “Isaac, what in the world are you talking about? Go where?”

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