Auction [just for stupid]




Send “Auction” for your muse buying mine as their slave

Derek snarled lowly but kept his head down as he was transferred to the person that bought him, seeing a small female form before him now.

Autumn huffed. “Fine. One day. You want anything, /anything/, you gotta ask for it, or get it yourself. After that there better be plans for the next week.” She came and knelt before him, putting a hand under his chin and lifting it, examining his face. “You better be worth all this effort is all I gotta say. You look like a waste of money to me.”

When she pulled his face up and told him he was a waste, he shut down. He just stared at her with dead sort of eyes and murmured a low, “Then sell me back.”

“Can’t. You’re already free. Won’t. Nobody goes back.” She rocked a step back and folded her arms. “Find your spirit.”

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