She pushed the hood back again to stare at him, embarrassment tinting her cheeks. Then she flung herself at him in a huge hug, radiating gratitude overwhelmingly.




Derek was  a little startled at the sudden hug and rush of emotion, though he caught her and tentatively patted her back soothingly, still a tad bit stunned at the force of her gratitude but glad he could help and make someone feel so thankful.

She shot after the sugar cube, mouth opening in a soundless yelp and came up ready to pike it right back at Isaac, scraping her hair out of her face with the other hand. Then she abandoned it, scrambling to sit down at the table as soon as she saw the plates in Derek’s hands. Hastily she pushed her hair back, arranging the robe and her face for innocence.

After all, Derek wouldn’t know she was kicking Isaac under the table.

Isaac grunted as Summer settled and he heard a few thunks. “Stop kicking at each other!” he reprimanded, though he was still laughing. Children, he shook his head at them. He did set the plates down and then settled himself down, digging into the food.

She turned up her nose at both werewolves and devoured the breakfast. Food was too rare to be ignored while tormenting someone else. It had seemed to go over well enough last night when she picked up the dishes, so she did that again, then hovered at Derek’s shoulder.

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