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✖ ★ ☆★ ☆

  • ★ for an IC fact, or ☆ for an OOC fact
I’m actually kind of scared of dogs. Big dogs, obviously, but little ones too. (IC)
I hate guacamole. PASSIONATELY. (both IC and OOC)
I got married almost a month ago and the ring still feels funny on my finger. (OOC)
  • ✖ and I will give you a fear that my character has in dealing with yours
I’m afraid the person you see when you look at me isn’t really the person I am, and when you see the person I really am, you’ll hate me.

✉ confess, and fetish

  • ‘✉’ for an unsent letter from my character to yours.

I think I need to
Would you be willing
We need a
I’m never even going to send this, am I? I want Tony to hire you as our cook/friend. I better say this in person. Oh god, I’m a moron.
  • ‘Confess?’ and my character(s) will have to confess something to yours. (whether it be feelings, opinions, a secret — whatever; feel free to specify)
Holly, I’m a superhero. Wait, you already knew that didn’t you. I’m so bad at this … I never keep secrets. How can I confess something you don’t already know? I’m Tony’s girlfriend? Did you know that?
  • ‘Fetish?’ for one thing that is sexually appealing to my character(s).
Competence. You have no idea. Someone who knows what they are doing, and is confident about it, it’s amazing. I just want to fall at their feet and worship them. Also, your boldness is a real turn on.