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Claustrophilia: I’ll write our characters having sex in a confined/small space

“Gods, Lex!” Summer gasped, writhing under the witch’s hand up her skirt. It was fortunate that they were parked after an afternoon in Central Park, because her ability to concentrate was utterly shot. What had begun as a swift, friendly kiss had turned very quickly into an almost frantic scramble of hands, elbows, tongues, and teeth.

Lex held dominion for the moment, skilled and agile fingers tracing patterns on the inside of Summer’s thighs blindly. She was lunged over the center divider, her other hand behind Summer’s head locked into the long red hair. Their foreheads were pressed together, and Lex’s smile was positively wicked before she twisted to capture Summer’s mouth again.

Lex’s tongue pressed in behind the other girl’s teeth just as her fingers slid up past lace edges to tickle damp folds. Summer whined, her hips pressing upward, and whispered, “Please …” Lex’s low chuckle was the only answer. Summer’s fingers scraped for purchase against leather and plastic and metal.

One smooth thrust, and Lex curled her fingers inside Summer, bringing the redhead to throw her head back, eyes rolling shut on a breathless cry. “Yes, baby?” Lex purred, licking up the exposed throat. The witch knew what the empath liked, and began to slip her fingers in and out, thumb flicking back and forth.

It took very, very little time for Summer to begin gasping, half-sobbing and half-keening, under Lex’s hands.


If we kissed:

[] We wouldn’t.

[] Awkward…!

[x] Long & meaningful~

[] Tongue please.

[] Softly bite your lips.

[] Get rough.

[] Quickie!

[x] Bedroom?

[] but we wont because you have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

If you tried to hold my hand, I’d…

[] reject you

[] would become awkward

[] hold your hand

[x] lock hands with you

Would I go out with you?

[] No thank you.

[] Nah, you’re like family. 

[] Maybe

[] If I knew you better, I’d consider it.

[] Sorry, you’re cute but not my type. 

[x] Yes, definitely.

[] I already have!

[] I genuinely have no idea.

If we got married, I’d :

[] Divorce you.

[] Take your money and bounce.

[] Be faithful.

[] Cheat on you.

[] Be faithful.

[x] Get it on.

[] Have kids! 

[x] Wonder how I got you.

[x] Keep you forever.

You + Me + Room =

[] I wouldn’t let you in.

[] Generally hang out.

[] Listen to music.

[x] Pillow fight!

[] Stay up all night.

[] Sleep with you platonically.

[x] Hold you tight.

[x] Keep you up moaning and screaming.

✗ and WANT from the answering in three thing. :D

[draft] I need a spell for gender changing.

[draft] call me? important thing to tell you

[draft] do you understand what I mean by ‘love’? I’m poly …


  1. have a girly sleepover — sappy movies, painting nails, doing hair, swapping sex talk, snuggling kitties
  2. pour chocolate syrup or warm caramel or some other sweet thing on your belly and lick it off, then lick anywhere else you want
  3. be bound and blindfolded by you and made to beg

Shag Me ;)

‘Sex with a guy is all very well and good,’ Summer thinks, ‘but sometimes you just need some girl time.’

And girl time with Lex was glorious. Summer curls up against the other girl on the bed, head snuggled against her breasts, face tipped up to be kissed. They’ve been kissing for a while, languorous and sweet, licking at each others’ mouths like ice cream.

Lex slides a hand down the column of Summer’s throat, snagging fingers in the buttons of her shirt. It’s just snaps, and they part easily before her questing fingers, baring Summer’s breasts to the cool air. In return, Summer works her hand under the edge of Lex’s shirt, curving fingernails into the soft skin and scraping pale marks of possession.

Lex takes her time about it, shaping the subtle curves of Summer’s throat and shoulders, tracing the inner slopes of her breasts. Summer shudders, fingers splaying languidly in the sheets. They writhe a bit together, rearranging hands for better access, and then the brunette slides her hands over the taut skin of Summer’s abdomen.

The redhead throws her head back, keening very softly, almost pleading. Lex glides her fingertips by slow inches lower until they meet tangled curls, and Summer whimpers as she pauses. Her throat is invitingly arched, so Lex kisses her way along it, setting teeth to caress her pulse.

“Don’t stop!” A fevered, desperate gasp. Lex takes it in, drinking down her rasping breaths, and slides her fingers into welcoming warmth. Summer’s whole body flexes in pleased shock, fingers clawing and mouth opening. After a moment for her to relax, Lex curves her fingers within her body, eliciting another stutter in her breathing, another low keen. Hips rise, seeking.

One free hand traces the out-thrust arc of hipbone, while Lex twists her fingers within the other girl. Summer’s cry this time is louder, and Lex smiles softly, buried in her tangling curls. She wants rhythm, but Lex won’t give it to her, now rocking in and out, now twisting, now scraping fingernails inside her. Her back describes a perfect arch as Summer seeks to impale herself on the moving hand, increasingly desperate for release.

Lex stills, thrust deeply inside her body, and whispers, “Do you see? How it is to be possessed? Controlled, contained?” One finger twitches, and Summer cries out, something incoherent and acquiescent. Relenting, the witch brushes the pearl of flesh above the girl’s opening with her thumb, and the redhead trembles in climax against her chest. Lex closes her eyes and cradles Summer’s relaxing body, still smiling that faint, half-cruel smile.